Watcher 1.4 has reached beta state on the development platform Centos 7.

Service environment [EL7]

Service Type  Revision  Comment
Login sshd  7.4p1 (OpenSSH-server)  
MTA Postfix  2.10.1  Rebuilt from src.rpm with Postgresql support
Mailbox (POP/IMAP/LMTP) dbmail  3.2.3  Built from src.rpm
WEB server (httpd) apache  2.4.6  


Operational basics [EL7]

 System component  Revision    Comment
 bash  4.2    
 awk  4.0.2    
 coreutils  8.22    
 util-linux  2.23.2    
 iptables  1.4    
 ipset  7.1    
 syslog-ng  3.5.6   'rsyslog' was removed due to flaws; and replaced by 'syslog-ng'
 sqlite  3.7.17   For the module's databases


Testbed for 1.4

Going from here I have provided some test environments on several virtual machines in order to check fitness on all supported platforms for Watcher 1.4

  RHEL & clones  
Name  Revision  State  Release ready
 RHEL  9.2  ongoing  
 Rocky Linux  9.2  ongoing  
 Alma Linux  9.2  ongoing  
 Oracle Linux1)  9.2  pending  
 Debian & offsprings  
Name Revision State Release ready
Debian  11 pending  
Ubuntu (server)  22.4.2 (LTS) pending  
Name Revision State Release ready
SLES  15 (SP4) pending  
OpenSuSE LEAP  15.4 pending  

 1) Oracle makes the download link for a network installation a secret. So installing Oracle Linux failed so far. Oracle Linux is also not provided by 'root server' providers for installation; so it is rather hypothetical.


Service environment (EL9]

Service Type  Revision  Comment
Login sshd  8.7p1 (OpenSSH-server)  
MTA Postfix  3.5.9  Postgresql support is available but in a separate package
Mailbox (POP/IMAP/LMTP) dbmail  3.3.1  
WEB server (httpd) apache  2.4.53  


There are many changes between EL7 & EL9 in the operational basics.

Operational basics [EL9]

 System component  EL7 Revision EL9 revision
 bash1)  4.2  5.1.8  
 awk  4.0.2  5.1.0  
 coreutils  8.22  8.32-34  
 util-linux  2.23.2  2.37.4  coming now in 3 parts: util-linux, util-linux-core, util-linux-user
 iptables  1.4  1.8.8  'nft' support in the new revision
 ipset  7.1  7.11  
 syslog-ng  3.5.6  3.35.1 'rsyslog' was removed due to flaws; and replaced by 'syslog-ng'
 sqlite  3.7.17  3.34 For the module's databases


1)Adaption to Bash V5 is probably coming with a final Watcher 1.5 release, which will be the last release of the Watcher V1 series based on the 'xtables' firewall.

There will be no changes in the bash coding to keep it compatible with bash V4 on still-running older platforms like EL7. Watcher 1.4 will be the last revision that runs on platforms with bash V4.


Outlook to Watcher-II ...

Development of Watcher-II (2.x) will start after EOL of CentOS-7 (End of December 2023); preparation based on Alma-Linux-9 is ongoing. Watcher-II (2.x) will be based on a 'netfilter-tables' (nft) firewall and the coding base will be Bash V5 and the other new revisions of the operational basics outlined above.

The good news is that with relation to NFT, the firewalld and custom NFT firewall setups will be supported.


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