Watcher 1.3 is now released and is available by download for a 5 EUR donation in the shop.

The documentation for the Watcher-Master and the Watcher-Modules is publicly available and can be downloadled from the support area on the main site


Watcher 1.3 comes as a comlete package with all modules and included; i.e. the
master package and modules are no longer separate packages.

New with Watcher 1.3 the module 'WatchWB' to track attacks on WEB servers.

Watcher 1.3 is developed under CentOS 7 and tested for Centos 8.

For version 1.3 it is  now tested for 'Debian' and offsprings like 'Ubuntu' as well.

For some details see the Release notes for Watcher 1.3 in the Watcher-History


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