Watcher Geo-Blocking & -Tracking is coming ...
(planned as revision 1.4; currently testing)

We live in days of cyber-war ... not just since Russia assaulted the Ukraine.

Since 2015 the attacks on servers on the Internet have been exploding. The number of reported attacks found its sad peaks between 2017 to 2019 with growths of over 300% per year in the peak and continues since with a growth of about 30-50% every year.

 Attacken 2010 2022 

(Source: AbuseIP, Statistics; APR-2023;


Looking at the most aggressive initiators of server attacks shows a typical ranking:

Rank  Country  Reported attacks (Last 7 days start of APR-2023)
1  USA  1.053.205
2  China  839.871
3  India  292.773
4  Russia  225.612
5  Germany  222.395
6  Netherlands  170.826
7  Brazil  164.754
8  UK  161.559
9  France  102.413
- All others far below 100000

I am located in Germany and experience about 60% of all attacks and SPAM flooding is coming from China & Russia,

So I thought it would be a good idea to block access to my servers 'by geolocation' in order to get permanently rid of these 60% of attacks from all my services.

For a more detailed preview of revision 1.4 (Watcher with GEO blocking & tracking) see here ...

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